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[Rock Lee] Break It Down

To start, I've broken down the costume into parts:

[-] Wig - black, short. Can cut/style as needed. Must be purchased.

[-] Brows - black. Felt or drawn in.

[-] One-piece - green, full-body suit. Must be custom-tailored to body-type. Cannot buy off the rack.

[x] Leaf Headband - red. Purchased. Cosplay item from previous convention.

[-] Vest - green flak-style, pockets, with red swirl. Custom fit. Small. Zips closed.

[x] Legwarmers - orange, knee-high. Made by my sister (Neji, aka Tissue-issues). Custom. Crocheted.

[-] Pouch - white. At waist. Bag/Circle-shaped. Some solidity.

[-] Pouch w/garter-strap - black. On leg. Box-shaped. Solid.

[-] Bandages - white. Enough for hands/arms and leg. Gloves beneath(?).

[-] Shoes - blue. Made from flip-flops.

[O] Kunai - black or silver. Made from paper.

[O] Backpack - green. Optional. Must be durable.

As you can see, I don't have much to begin with. The Leaf Headband was purchased last year on a whim...and good thing, too, since I don't have access to any metal-working supplies (I luck out, though, because the purchased one fits. Some might not be so lucky. Take that into consideration if your headband must go somewhere other than your forehead!)

The legwarmers were crocheted for me as a present by my sister. I wore them last year to Comic Con (not as Lee, though...just as some weirdo in orange legwarmers!). I am eternally grateful to her for those. Not only does it save me from having to make them myself, but it means they look nicer than anything fabric I could have made. In exchange, I'll be making her costume...all of it!
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