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Quick Update

I realize I have been negligent of this comm. I'll update you then.

Aside from the clips for the vest pockets, Lee's vest has most everything it needs. The pattern will be based upon a McCalls pattern and I'll be sure to show you all the adaptations I make to it. The cloth is a dusty green color and very durable. Photos to come.

The main outfit will be made of tee-shirts purchased from Target. Green men's basic tees. I considered using green leggings from St Patrick's day from the girl's dept but could not find fabric that matched with which to make the upper portion of the jumpsuit.

Still no wigs.

Or shoes.

Neji's whole outfit fabric has been bought. The gray for his manskirt (lol) was discounted at Walmart.

The accessory fabrics are bought. They will be the first parts of the project soon as the sewing machine becomes accessible.

So I have not forgotten this! Lee and Neji will be ready to go in July ^_^
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