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[References] Many Bothans died to bring us this information.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far before Naruto, I had Star Wars.

Stormtroopers, Jedi, space-pirates...even those darn Ewoks. I had it all, even JarJar.

Why am I telling you this? Because Star Wars is alive with fandom. Fandom that produces (and reproduces) and learns and grows and becomes its own entity... And Star Wars is not secretive! I don't have to snatch the Death Star plans and flee in my blockade runner with Vader's Star Destroyer on my heels. Oh, no siree!

When I used to run around in Star Wars, there were three basic things you needed to know:
Han shot first
"Do or do not (there is no try)."
Star Wars fans are the original psycho cosplayers

These are the people who sat in line in full-on Jedi (or Vader, or Rebel, or Stormtrooper...depending on affiliation) regalia and waited over night, multiple nights, just to have a ticket to see Episode I. Repeat process for seeing the film itself (at midnight the night of release). Repeat again for Episodes II and III.

For Star Wars fans, cosplay is serious business. Just you try making yourself a Stormtrooper uniform from scratch! (And he's probably got a working Artoo unit in his garage!)

Undoubtedly, this is where I get my cosplay philosophy.

On searching POUCHES

I know how to make a basic pouch. I understand the mechanics of it. But I still like me some references. Googling "Naruto pouches" turned up a bunch of people trying to sell me something, and I didn't want that! But "Pouch patterns" turned up a few gems.

Studio Creations has a fairly detailed prop and costuming guide for those who take costuming as serious business! If you need to make some of the trooper uniforms, check out the menu on the right-hand side. For me, I found the article on the cumberbund and pouches useful to consider when drawing up a pattern for the white pouch. Even if you don't use it (because it isn't the right style of accessory) it is good to look at all sorts of patterns. You might find something useful in the least likely places!

I'm partial to the Jedi myself, and has a great instructional gallery for several of the main Star Wars character costumes. I found a really winner with the nefarious Boba Fett (still a favorite of my cousin). Fett's belt pouch provides a pattern easily modifiable into the black holster on the ninja's leg.
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